More Services

Delay Analysis and Claims Prevention: Avoid negative consequences with our ability to anticipate, prevent and manage delays, changes and interruptions with comprehensive CPM Scheduling and project management.

Project Control: Your project will benefit from our project control process which includes detailed analysis, technical reporting, cost control and competent administration.

Cost Estimating: Our computer-based estimating services range from material/quantity takeoff, to conceptual: “What Do You Think It Might Cost? to the challenging bid, utilizing a completed set of plans and specifications. We work with your personnel to provide cost estimates to the level of detail necessary to meet your requirements.

Inspection Services: Our inspection services play a key role as we strive for quality outcomes on all aspects of your project. With a sharp watch, we monitor your project for accurate materials, installation and timeline.

Quality Assurance & Compliance: To maintain quality assurance, our project management expertise will assist you in dealing with the necessary compliance issues and keeping track of quality controls. In addition to verifying the work performed, we understand how to manage the myriad of administrative duties.

Documentation Control & Reporting: One of the advantages of successful project management and CPM scheduling is the valuable production of accurate documentation and reporting tools giving you the data required to make informed decisions.

Proposal Preparation & Bid Review: We make your proposal or bid look its best when we help you prepare from CPM Scheduling to cost estimating and value engineering to environmental protection planning to presentation content and design.

Litigation Support: Although our goal is always to prevent litigation, we can provide you with technical support with sound chronological data should the need arise.

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