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Strategic Alliance with FACS to Deliver Mobile Construction Project Management Solution

St. Louis, MO. February 2011 – Thomas D. Wilson Consulting, Inc. today announced a multi-year alliance with Field Automated Communication Systems, LLC (FACS) as an Authorized Alliance Partner in the FACS Business Partner Network. Serving the needs of construction project owners in [specify market, geo. vertical or other], Thomas D. Wilson Consulting, Inc. will provide comprehensive value-added professional services and technology in the delivery and support of the FACS Project Controller.

FACS Project Controller is truly mobile construction project management software specifically designed to improve project delivery by enabling electronic field-to-office collaboration, communication and project management. As progressive solution provider, Thomas D. Wilson Consulting, Inc., has come to recognize software and mobile technology can be leveraged to address key issues troubling its AEC customers who today are faced with unprecedented economic pressures to reduce bottom-line costs and deliver projects on time. FACS Project Controller is a cost effective Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution designed specifically to eliminate paper-based delays and increase collaboration of project teams in the field and office – two of the biggest contributors to cost overruns and project delays.

“We are pleased to announce this new relationship. The FACS Project Controller represents the latest in mobile construction project management technology. Thomas D. Wilson Consulting, Inc. prides itself on delivering efficiencies to our clients by improving the collaboration amongst project team members and helping project owners mitigate risks during these tough economic times. This alliance serves our customers well,” said Thomas Wilson, President of Thomas D. Wilson Consulting, Inc.

“Thomas D. Wilson Consulting, Inc. brings 30 years of construction best practices, technical knowledge, and high-quality professional services to construction project owners,” says Daryn Reif, CEO of Field Automated Communication Systems. “We are excited to be working with Thomas D. Wilson Consulting, Inc. to deliver our best-of-breed solutions with their industry-specific know-how to quickly and efficiently solve their clients’ most pressing construction project management needs.”

Thomas D. Wilson Consulting, Inc. maximizes your profit with our on-time, on-budget project management efficiency using state-of-the-art software tools and our 30 years of domestic and international construction consulting experience.

About Field Automated Communication Systems
Field Automated Communication Systems, LLC (FACS) is the leading provider of mobile construction project management solutions for the AEC industry. The company specializes in leveraging the latest advances in wireless technology, to provide practical, user friendly solutions for industry professionals who aim to deliver construction projects on time and within budget.




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